Mold Mitigation & Remediation

Mold Mitigation & Remediation

Miami, FL Mold Mitigation & RemediationA service that we offer here at Mitigation 1 to our clients in Miami is mold mitigation and remediation. So if you are asking what this means it is actually very simple. Mold mitigation and remediation consists of finding the mold that may have found itself into your home or anywhere for that matter and taking care of that problem. Mold is a very serious health risk and needs to be taken care of at first sight.

So how is mold created? Well, let me first say that we are surrounded by mold. Our environment here in South Florida and Miami specifically, is extremely humid, making it the perfect place for mold spread. A good way to keep mold out of your house is to keep the AC running. If you turn off your AC, and your home becomes hot and humid, you are creating the perfect environmental condition for the mold to come into existence. Keeping your AC on all the time can become a little costly, but it is definitely worth the investment. Another way that mold can find its way into your house is by having wet spots. It is strongly encouraged to try to keep everything in your house dry, especially your floors, walls, and ceilings. If you get a leak, clear it and fix it as soon as you can to keep the mold from growing.

So why is mold so hazardous to your health. The problem is not really the mold itself, but the mycotoxins that they produce. Breathing in these mycotoxins can lead to severe health issues. Some of these problems include upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, and wheeze in otherwise healthy people. If you suffer from asthma, mold can definitely worsen it for you. If you are prone hypersensitivity pneumonitis, mold may actually worsen that as well. If your home in Miami has any mold, please call Mitigation 1 for mold mitigation and remediation so you can be safe.

Something else that needs to be considered is legal action taken against you. How is this possible you ask? If somebody becomes sick or fatally ill due to the inhalation or the contact with mycotoxins on your Miami property, you can be help liable. You may face lawsuits, expensive settlements, and even possible jail time. You can say that mold mitigation and remediation is necessary not just for you and your family’s health, but for your financial security!

Mold Mitigation in Miami FL

If you follow the preventative methods that we have described to you, keeping indoor floors and surfaces as dry as possible, then you should be ok. But if for some reason you might end up needing mold mitigation and remediation in Miami, we are here to help. Our primary concern is our customer’s well being, so if you are not exactly sure if you even have mold, give us a call so we can determine that for you. Mitigation 1 is dedicated to keeping our customers safe from mold. Please do not hesitate. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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