WaterDamageWater Removal & Dehumidification

Flooding and water damage can be a nightmare, if you’re not armed and ready for its unwanted arrival. Chances are, if you’re like the rest of us, you aren’t financially prepared for the amount of time and money you will be both spending and losing due to the damage. Water damages set quickly and, if left untreated, can cause a variety of other issues ranging from structural damages to mold infestations.  If you find yourself neck deep and feeling helpless remember that we are here to help! First and foremost, It is crucial that the wet, damp, or flooded area is quickly sealed-off and quarantined. After doing so, call us immediately so that we can remove all  water and flooding from the area before the situation worsens by causing further damage or spreading to another area.  Keep in mind that time is of the essence!  If  the area is flooded for too long or water has found it’s way beneath the floor, you could potentially have a bigger problem on your hands. In some cases, structural damages may be too severe and require a more intricate, scarier, process involving removal and replacement of the floor, insulation, and possibly surrounding area and structures. If your situation has reached this level of urgency, don’t throw in the towel yet because you’re in luck. Though this ‘worst case scenario’ is quickly approaching, we can still prevent the giant headache of rebuilding by introducing the flooded area to a process called dehumidification.

FireDamageFire, Smoke and Soot Cleanup and Restoration

Fire is the dreaded and no property or business owner ever wants to hear it. It’s one of the most devastating and frightening (not to mention deadly!) disasters that we can encounter. After destroying everything in it’s path,  you’re left with a handful of other damages due to smoke, soot, and even water. If you’ve recently had a fire that has damaged your property or business,  we are here to help you restore it to pristine condition! Fire is usually associated with the financial strains and debts that it brings to families and individuals, but we also understand the emotional toll it can have on you. From, sentimental family heirlooms, to entire rooms and properties, the loss of anything in a fire is a devastating blow to your pockets and to your heart. We understand the severity of your situation and pride ourselves in assisting you in a timely and effective manner. Those damages can be overwhelming to look at, but it’s something we deal with on a regular basis.

MoldMitigationMold Mitigation and Remediation

Another serious problem for property owners is potentially hazardous mold growing indoors. We’re surrounded by mold, mainly because the environmental conditions needed for growth are so common. But, the problem isn’t the mold itself,  but the mycotoxins that they can produce. if you do in fact have mold or suspect that you may have mold growing on the interior of your property, immediate removal is recommended. On CDC website (i), a representative stated that; the Institution of Medicine “conducted a study” in 2004 and found “sufficient evidence” linking ” indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, and wheeze in otherwise healthy people.” The article goes on to warn of more serious dangers and health concerns for individuals who suffer from asthma, as well as those who are prone to hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Mold is not to be taken likely. If somebody becomes sick or fatally ill due to inhalation or contact with mycotoxins on your property, you can be held liable and could face lawsuits, expensive settlements,  and possible jail time. For this reason, we have professionals on stand by, ready to detect and illuminate mold at the source and remove all signs of it’s infestation. This will help prevent future infestations.  But, you should always remember to keep indoor floors and surfaces as dry as possible. It is a key factor in prevention, since any wet or damp areas on the interior of your property can potentially result in another mold issue. We’re here because we believe that the only thing that should be growing around you are your kids and your business.   

CarpetCleaningCarpet & Hard Floor Cleaning and Care

When we walk into a building our feet is bringing in a piece of every bit of ground we walked on that day. It’s easy to find yourself with muddy floors or dirty carpets, just days after a cleaning. When that dirt and filth is carried in from outside, it could be a mixture of many different disgusting things. From chewed gum, to even feces, it’s hard to really know what we carry around on the bottom of our shoe. Not many people enjoy thuroughly cleaning their floors, since it takes up so much time. Another reason is, lets be honest, most people do not find it that exciting and would rather avoid it if they could. Give us a call if your problem is a dirty floor. Our professionals will clean your floors and remove those pesky stains, that you gave up on years ago. We love to clean because we know it makes you happy. And, when you’re happy, we’re happy.

Crime Scene, BiohVandalism Mitigation1azard and Vandalism Cleanup

Natural disasters happen everyday and it’s something we can’t avoid. But disaster’s don’t just happen in nature. They happen right here on our front steps , in the heart of our communities as well. We may never fully understand what goes through the mind of a person committing a crime, but what we do understand is that the victims can easily be any of us. From mindless graffiti, to the destructive aftermath of a violent crime. After the police are finished with they’re involvement, you’re typically left with a big, and sometimes disturbing, mess that needs immediate attention. Thats where we come in. It doesn’t  matter how bad you think it is, we can handle it. In many cases, when a crime is committed, drugs or other dangerous substances may be involved. A crime scene can be littered with some, less than desirable, items or substances that investigators, for whatever reason, didn’t clean up. In this case, we offer a full clean up and immediate removal of all biohazards wastes or materials. You shouldn’t have to deal with potentially deadly substances, just because you’re living, or working at the wrong location at the wrong time.

Odor Identification Mitigation 1Odor Identification and Deodorization

We have all been there. You can smell it but you don’t know where it is or where it’s coming from! You look like a mad man, running around trying to follow your nose until it leads you to the source. Unfortunately, we do not have a keen enough sense of smell that can lead us to the stinky source like bloodhound. The problem can sometime’s get out of hand, making your property a less than desirable location. You dont have to chase those smells around all day when we’re just a call away. Just take a second to speak with a professional and we’ll rush on over and find the source of the stench and remove it. Following the removal, we will deodorize your property making it so that no one would ever know you had a problem. You’ll be glad you called us, especially if the smell was coming from the rotting carcase of a dead animal. Remember, there are a variety of other things that can cause a unpleasant smells, but no task is too dificult.


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